MELT Summer Institutes

posted Mar 10, 2015, 10:18 AM by Chanel Sidbury   [ updated Mar 10, 2015, 10:18 AM by Jerry Williamson ]

Summer K-12 Math PD Opportunity for RESA-3

 K-12 Mathematics Teachers,

 There are still seats available in all MELT Summer Institutes, but some classes are filling quite quickly.  While the group discount still exits, this opportunity cannot remain open indefinitely.  (For information regarding group discounts, please contact Dr. Michael J. Bossé as soon as possible.)  If a school district or any individual school chooses to support teachers to attend MELT Summer Institutes, or if any individual teachers wish to support themselves to attend these Institutes, it is recommended that they soon communicate with the MELT program and submit the registration forms.  (See the links below for access to the registration forms and other information.)  

 K-12 mathematics teachers can earn CEUs by investigating content, pedagogy, and assessment associated with current K-12 math standards.  Under the title of the Mathematics Education Leadership Program (MELT), high quality, residential, Summer Institutes are offered at Appalachian State University in the beautiful High Country of Boone, NC.  (Participants beyond commuting range can select to stay in dorm suites at a cost much lower than hotels in the area.)     

 The MELT Institutes for Summer 2015 include:

Week 1: June 22-26, 2015:  

  • Integrating Technology into Mathematics (6-12);  
  • Math 1: The 1st High School Math Course
  • Measurement and Statistics (6-8)

Week 2: July 13-17, 2015 

  • Math 2: The 2nd High School Math Course
  • Probability and Statistics (9-12)
  • Algebra and Functions. (6-8)

Week 3: July 20-24, 2015 

  • Math 3: The 3rd High School Math course
  • Building Mathematical Thinkers (6-12)
  • Geometry (6-8)

 The following resources are provided online through the associated hyperlinks: