Referrals for Intensive Support (Tier III)

At the bottom of this page are documents that will assist with documentation of supplemental support provided to begin the referral process to your school's Problem Solving Team (PST).

In order to refer students to the PST, you need to submit the following to your school's MTSS Facilitator.
  • Completed MTSS Form 1 Referral to Tier III (includes documentation of intervention and progress monitoring results)
  • Progress Monitoring documentation for Individual Student (both academic and social/emotional)
  • Any screening data available on the student (ex. mCLASS and iREADY reports)
  • Any additional relevant data such as attendance, discipline, etc.
Your school's MTSS Facilitator can provide guidance in completion of any referrals to the PST.
Referring Students for Intensive Instruction (Tier II to III) Video

Referral to Problem Solving Team (Intensive Instruction)

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