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Building Effective Coaching Relationships   

This strand will explore the characteristics of effective coaches and the dynamics of school-based coaching relationships.

Possible Topics:

Articulating a vision for coaching
Establishing coaching relationships 
Effective coaching conversations
Modeling, Observing, and Exploring Data

Brandy Kmiec
Regina Lynch
Teri Williams

Willow Alston - Socha

Supporting Data Driven PLCs


This strand will delve into the workings of effective data-driven PLCs.

Possible Topics:

Identifying data sources
Developing common assessments 
Sheparding the CFIP Process
To Lead or Not To Lead?  Empowering PLCs


Ann Larsen
Christi Ellison
Christy Brooks
Devin Aucoin
Diane Johnson
Dolores  Paylor
Donna James
Farrah Boggan
Karen Rodenhizer
Maylene Smith
Nicole Olden
Nitasha M. Clark
Peter Leikind
Sarah Huff
Summer Hill

Judy Parks

Chanel Sidbury

Facilitating High Quality Instruction

This strand will focus on instruction and lesson planning.

Possible Topics:

Lesson Planning protocols

Planning Higher Order Questions

Designing Complementary Essential Questions and Student Learning Targets

Carla Joyner
Christine Blystad
Gail Worrell
Jennifer Hall
Julie Potenziani
Melissa Eatman
Michele  Hicks
Rontika Redden 


Heidi Elmoustakim

Providing Effective Professional Development

 This strand will look at the role of IF as Professional Developer.

Possible Topics:

Designing a PD Plan

Characteristics of Adult Learners

Planning engaging PD

Using self assessments to determine teacher needs

Navigating True North Logic    


Catherine L Hazelton 
Catherine Long
Ingrid Jones
Jamie Wilkerson
KaTonya Gary
Mary Carr
Sasha Crocker
Syreeta Mason
Teresa Parkinson
Tonya Enoch


Rhonda Faircloth Kaye

Lynn Marcin