L2N: Leadership Learning Network

·         Elementary L2Network Days (8:00am -4:30pm)

September 6 (YR Only)  September 29 (TR Only)   October 27    November 17   January 26, 2017   February 28   March 23 (YR Only)    March 30 (TR Only)  May 9

·         Middle L2Network Days (8:00am -4:30pm)

September 6 (YR Only), September 27 (TR Only)   October 25   November 29   January 31, 2017   February 23  March 2  March 23   May 9

·         High School L2Network Days   (9:00am-11:30am)  -   Topics to be determined based on Key Data Sets

September 22 (DSA), October 20 (CMA), February 22 (Riverside), May 4 (PLC)


Focus on Learning

Framework Element (What it is)

Focus on Leading

Artisan Teacher Theme (How we do it)

September 2016


Unit Essential Questions, Lesson Essential Questions, Learning Targets)

Clear learning targets* (Technical)

Congruency (Technical)

October 2016


Class environment-cooperative, culturally responsive, differentiated instruction

Enriched Environment (Science)

November 2016

January 2017

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Higher Order TWRLS

Teacher Toolbox

Kid Talks: Digging Into Data

Intentions of Learning with Depth and Complexity

February 2017

School Walkthroughs & 30 Second Feedback

May 2017

Dr. Rutherford Returns

Summer Institute 2016 Resources
Day 1: Artisan Teacher with Dr. Mike Rutherford
Artisan Teacher Part 2 with Dr. Mike Rutherford
Teacher Leadership with Rhonda Kaye
Session Materials
Academic Services Overview