Out of the Box Catalog, Fall 2017

How to register for a session:
• Use the filters and search box to find a session you would like to attend from the list below;
• Click on the session and you will be routed to True North Logic (certified staff) or Google Forms (classified staff);
• Click "Register" in True North Logic or complete the required fields in the Google Form and click "Submit" to complete your registration;
• You will receive a confirmation email. That email serves as both the verification for your principal AND your ticket into your session. Please keep it handy!
• Registration Closes Friday, October 20.
How to withdrawal from a session (True North Logic):
1. Go to your True North Logic homepage. Scroll down to "My Courses."
2. Click on the Course you want to withdraw from.
3. Click on: Back to search results
4. Find the Course/Section and click on the drop-down box.
5. Click "Withdraw"…Click "OK"