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Prepping folders to send to the Records Center


1. Purge the folder according to the student records procedures checklist

2. Record accurate demographics on the cumulative folder including Full Names and Student Number

3. Record the attendance information on the front of the folder- check for accuracy

4. If this is a high school student/grad, verify all information of courses is captured from previous schools and

    sign and date the transcript

5. For grads, fill in the graduation information found on the front of the folder in the top right section

6. For withdrawn students, record if copies were sent to another school on the front with a cc

7. Ask for EC,AIG,504, SAP, or PEPS to correspond with the cumulative folder

8. Create a spreadsheet/log of transfer to send with folders-Folders and Spreadsheet must match and be in  

    alpha order.

Required Forms:

Cumulative Records Contents List                                              Data Sheet

Transfer log                                                                                     Student Enrollment Packet

Test Record Card

Student’s Permanent Health Record Card