Research and Accountability

Welcome to the DPS Research and Accountability home page!

The Office of Research and Accountability encompasses many areas: Data Integration and Analysis, EVAAS, Grant Writing and Resource Development, PowerSchool, Program Evaluation, Research, State Assessments, and Surveys. Our team members are listed below. Please refer to the pages for each area and the Research and Accountability News page for updates on important dates and deadlines.

Dr. Julie Spencer
Assistant Superintendent for Research and Accountability
Phone- 919.560.2309

Lynn Andrews
Report & Database Developer & Analyst - Data Team
Phone - 919.560.2205

Donna Apple
Data Management Tier II Support - PowerSchool Team
Phone - 919.560-2000 ext. 21621

Karin Beckett
Coordinator of Data Analysis and EVAAS - Data Team
Phone - 919.560.2066

Yaneek Campbell-McLean
Testing Technician - State Testing Team
Email -
Phone - 919.560.2065 ext. 21065

Dr. Amy Davis
Coordinator of Research, Grants and Development - Data Team
Email -
Phone - 919.560.2000 ext. 21617

Barbara Goins
Student Information System Coordinator - PowerSchool Team
Email -
Phone - 919.560.3621 ext. 21988

Nathan Hester
Testing & Accountability Specialist - State Testing Team
Phone - 919.560-2157 ext. 29656

Rebecca Moore
Data Management Tier II Support - PowerSchool Team
Phone -  919.560.2000 ext. 21060

Kyle Schermbeck
Coordinator of Data Integration - Data Team
Phone - 919.560.2000 ext. 21919

Nicole Smith 
Testing Technician - State Testing Team
Phone - 919.560.2883 ext. 29659

Crystal K. Vaught, Ed.S.
Director of Accountability & State Assessments - State Testing Team
Phone - 919.560.2668 ext. 29657

Emily Wilson Pumisacho
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Julie Spencer
Phone - 919.560.2027