Student Enrollment Process

Student Enrollment Process
All children domiciled in Durham County ages 5 through 20, as provided by law are entitled to attend Durham Public Schools. Tuition is free of charge to all children of Durham, who has passed their fifth birthday on or before August 31st, and are under 21 years old prior to the first day of school and have not completed a standard high school course of study. (G.S. 115C-1)

One possible exception is for parents of a child who reaches four years of age on or before April 16, who wishes to enter Kindergarten. Parents must obtain an early enrollment packet from the child's base school (available April 16th of each year) and submit it to the school principal for enrollment consideration by the end of August. The principal may enroll the student if he/she finds, based on the information submitted by the child's parent or guardian, that the child is gifted and has the maturity to justify admission.

Step I  Verification of Age and Domicile
  • A child must reach 5 years of age on or before August 31st of the enrollment year or be under 21 years of age prior to the first day of school
  • Proof of residency verification is based on the domicile (residence) of the parent or legal guardian/custodian
    • Look up the student's address on the google doc street listing or the school locator to verify the base school assignment of the student by address. 
    • The parent/legal guardian or custodian must present a current lease, deed, property tax record, mortgage statement, or 3 current consecutive months of receipts for rent with the name of parent/guardian, address, date and name of property owner.
    • If the lease or deed is in someone else’s name, please refer the parent/guardian to The Office of Student Assignment or The ESL Center to complete an affidavit of residency. 
Step II  Enrollment
  • Require parent/guardian to complete and submit the Student Enrollment Packet (attach packets in English and Spanish)
  • Kindergarten students must provide a record of required immunizations and a certified copy of the birth certificate. 
    • Parents have 30 days from day one of school to produce immunization records. (G.S. 115C-364 (c) 130A-109)
    • Parents must provide a certified copy of the child's birth certificate or school authorities may accept  "competent and verifiable evidence as secondary proof of age, such as (i) a certified copy of any medical record of the child's birth issued by the treating physician of the hospital in which the child was born, or  (ii) a certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a church, mosque, temple or other religious institution that maintain s birth records. The bill is silent on the time period for the parent to produce the birth record. However, by contrast DPS may allow the same 30 days time period  as for immunizations.
  • Students in grades K-12 should provide a withdrawal form from their sending school and the most recent copy of their transcript or report card to the receiving school (not mandatory).
  • Enter student information into PowerSchool.