Benchmark Tests

2019-2020 MOY Benchmarks

TESTING WINDOW: January 6 – January 17, 2020

2019-2020 MOY Benchmark Process 4.mp4
  • 1:40 Paper-Pencil Process Overview

  • 2:30 Online through MasteryConnect Process Overview

  • 3:40 MasteryConnect Account SetUp

  • 5:05 MasteryConnect Roles

  • 5:50 MasteryConnect Admin Role Logging in as a User

  • 6:47 Creating a Tracker from a Curriculum Map

  • 10:18 Delivering Benchmarks online Through MasteryConnect

  • 13:22 Reopen a MasteryConnect Assessment

  • 14:00 Viewing Benchmark Reports at Tracker Level

  • 14:30 Viewing School-Wide Benchmark Reports (Admin Level)

DAILY TESTING SCHEDULE (DUE: Tuesday, January 7, 2020):


  • Read the DPS MasteryConnect Guide thoroughly – it has been recently updated so check it out again to ensure you have seen the most up-to-date guidance.

  • Work collaboratively with your Teaching and Learning Coach through this process.

Ensure teachers have:

CONTACTS: Primary – Jerry Williamson and Ron Wahlen; Back-up – Office of Assessments


  • Please contact the Office of Assessments with questions and needs.

  • If you need additional materials, please fill out the form attached to this email.

  • Documents are due to Case 21 on 1/22/2020. (Local Assessments Calendar)

  • CONTACTS: Primary – Office of Assessments; Back-up – Ron Wahlen


  • Refer to the Case 21 Testing Cycle Checklist for a complete list of procedures to follow for the administration of the Case 21 benchmark.

  • This document along with the script from Case 21 work together like an “Assessment Guide”.

  • We will have trainings for EOY assessments in the spring.