CTE teachers will complete a beginning of the year (BOY) in the first four weeks and end of the year (EOY) inventory in the last four weeks.

Care of Equipment:

  • Teachers are expected to develop a method of equipment and computer distribution and protection. Tools and equipment should be coded or otherwise clearly identified to minimize theft and vandalism. Tool and storage areas will be kept locked. As part of a good classroom management system, students will be taught the value of the tools and equipment they are using. Teachers will be expected to maintain a high standard for equipment care.

  • District equipment and facilities are not to be used for personal projects. To do so, constitutes theft or misuse of public funds and can result in termination.

  • Periodic inventory should be completed to discover any missing tools, materials, computers, etc. All items must be accounted for on both required BOY and EOY inventory spreadsheets. As new equipment is added, it should be updated on the inventory spreadsheet. It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep up with all equipment in his/her laboratory or classroom. Stolen or missing equipment should be reported immediately to the principal AND CTE IT Program Manager (computers)/CTE Coordinator (tools/equipment).

  • Under no circumstances may a teacher sell or otherwise dispose of equipment. Equipment that is no longer needed or operational should be discussed with the CTE IT Program Manager and/or CTE Coordinator.

  • Teachers are expected to take all necessary precautions to safeguard CTE supplies and equipment. All items considered easily stolen (small valuable items) should be locked securely over the summer or provided to the CTE department chair for safekeeping over the summer.

See your CTE department chair or the CTE Coordinator/Dr. Pack for access to your school's inventory Google Workbook.