DTL Online PD

The DPS Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Department provides professional development with the following objectives:

The following online courses/modules can be accessed at any time and are self-paced.

Mastery-based learning modules for digital skills! Participants can select any challenge(s) they would like to complete.

An online course instructed by DPS Digital Teaching & Learning using Google Classroom. Participants will learn the skills and technologies required to demonstrate the North Carolina Digital Learning Competencies (DLC's) and teach the North Carolina Information and Technology Essential Standards (ITES). Join the DPS Digital Teaching & Learning Virtual Academy Google Classroom with the join code j3pou7w.

A “playlist” in education is a form of blended learning that takes a digital document and creates a roadmap to a learning objective. The playlists you find here will help you build your digital teaching and learning skills. Take as much time and use any resource you need to master the content.

Interested in learning to use MasteryConnect? Online PD puts everything you need at your fingertips. And it’s available when you want, wherever you want.