K -12 Library Media Services

K-12 Library Media Services Support

Media Leads

K-12 Library Media Services is supported by a distributed leadership model that provides compensation to school-based media coordinators to serve as Media Leads to support and lead the media coordinators within the school district.

This role of the Media Lead is to promote and empower the media coordinators and media programs in our schools. They each lead a cohort and provide onboarding, mentorship, and ongoing training opportunities.

The Media Leads for the 2021-22 school year are:

Bhuvaneswari Ramachandran, WG Pearson Elementary (bhuvaneswari_ramacha@dpsnc.net)

Early Start Elementary Cohort: Bethesda, Fayetteville St., Mangum, WG Pearson, Club Boulevard, Holt, Merrick Moore, Sandy Ridge, Creekside, Lakewood, Oak Grove, Spring Valley, EasleyLittle River, Parkwood, George Watts

Matthew Jones, Mangum Elementary (matthew_jones@dpsnc.net)

Late Start Elementary Cohort: Burton, Glenn, Pearsontown, Southwest, Eastway, Hillandale, EK Powe, CC Spaulding, Eno Valley, Hope Valley, RN Harris, Forest View, Morehead, YE Smith

Jenny Umbarger, Rogers-Herr Middle School (jennifer_umbarger@dpsnc.net)

Middle School Cohort: Brogden, Lakewood Montessori Middle, Neal, Carrington, Lowe’s Grove, Rogers-Herr, Githens, Lucas, Shepard

Kim Gugino, Durham School of the Arts (kimberly_fawks-gugin@dpsnc.net)

High School Cohort: Durham School of the Arts, Early College, City of Medicine Academy, Northern, School for Creative Studies, Hillside, Riverside, Hospital School, Jordan, Southern, Lakeview

District Support

Heidi Perez (heidi_perez@dpsnc.net)

Secondary Literacy Integration Specialist919-560-2000 Ext. 21592Cell- 919-986-7498

Lo Dewalt (lora_dewalt@dpsnc.net)

Coordinator K-5 School Programs & Literacy IntegrationDurham Public Schools