Remote Learning and Early Release Days

District-Based Early Release Dates

School-Based Early Release Dates

  • October 28, 12:30-3:30

  • April 28, 12:30-3:30

  • June 4, 12:30-3:30

Professional Learning and Remote Learning Days

  • October 19, Remote Learning Day

  • November 3, Remote Learning Day

  • January 4, Remote Learning Day

  • January 19, Remote Learning Day

  • February 15, Remote Learning Day

  • May 13, Work day

DPS will begin district-wide PLCs on our October 7, 2020 Early Release day. During this time, teachers will examine district, school and individual Beginning of Year data in order to plan to meet the needs of diverse learners in upcoming units and lessons. These 90 minute PLCs will be protocol-driven and facilitated by district personnel from either 12:30-2:00 or 2:00-3:30 depending on content and level.

Quick Schedule: All PLCs will meet at one of the following times:

  • 12:30-2:00

  • 1:00-2:30

  • 2:00-3:30

Professional Learning Day (ERD) At-a-Glance Sept. 2, 2020

Click the link above or the picture to the left to see your professional learning options for the afternoon.