The Department of Student Support Services guides and empowers schools to support the whole child.

Student Support Services

  Core Areas of Support

The Student Support Services Department within Durham Public Schools provides comprehensive counseling and support services to students and their family members. The core areas of service include:

Section 504 Services

Behavior Support & Alternatives to Suspension


Students, Teachers, Officers, Preventing (STOP) Violence Grant 

You'll find all kinds of information about services provided and other resources, or you can call the Department office with questions at (919) 560-2032.

Dr. Laverne Mattocks-Perry

Senior Executive Director for Student Support Services

   Mrs. Tomeka      Ward-Satterfield

Director, Student Wellness & Advocacy

Dr. Melissa Watson

Director, Student Alternatives & Supports

    Dr. Letisha


Director, IABS

Michael Somers


Hospital School

Mrs. Tricia Howard

District Lead Nurse

Dr. Gradesa M. Lockhart

Director, STOP Violence Grant