Acknowledgement of Training Form 2019-20 - Blank form that Test Coordinators use to document staff understanding and completion of training for each assessment.

DPS Report of Testing Irregularity - Test Coordinators use this form to report an irregularity that occurred during testing.

Proctor's Guide - Manual to be used for staff/volunteers assigned to proctor during assessment administrations.

Testing Checklist 2019-20 - Resource for Test Coordinators when planning out an assessment cycle. Copies can be downloaded, modified and saved for each assessment.

Training Roster 2019-20 - Test Coordinators will use this roster each time a training is provided. The completed roster will be sent to the Office of State Assessments.

State Assessments Calendar 2019-20 - This spreadsheet contains a tab with the dates and times for TC trainings and professional development along with a tab listing the assessment windows.

Tutorial Roster & Scripts

2019 Beginning-of-Grade 3 (BOG)

2019-20 Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)

2019 Read to Achieve (RtA)

2019-20 Grade 3 Reading Portfolio

2019-20 Annual Training

2019 PreACT/CCRAA-10

2019 TC Work Session - October

2019-20 End-of-Course Tests (EOC)

2019-20 NC Final Exams (NCFE)

2019-20 WorkKeys

2020 ACCESS & Alternate ACCESS


2020 TC Work Session - March

2020 End-of-Grade Tests (EOG)

2020 NCEXTEND1 3-8, 10

Accommodation Information

Accountability Model

Achievement Level Descriptors

Assessment Options

Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


Materials & Returns

NCEducation & NCTest

Office of Assessments Updates

Online Testing Irregularity Submission System (OTISS)

Research & Accountability Data Drive (RADD)


School & Staff Contacts