Needs and Wants

Each year, CTE Teachers will be provided a link to a CTE Needs and Wants request form. Each item requested must be entered separately on the form. Therefore, if a teacher would like to request multiple items, a single form will be submitted for each item.

NEEDS are supplies, materials, equipment, and programs that are essential for a course to be taught, for students to understand the standards, and/or obtain the related credential.

WANTS are supplies, materials, equipment, and programs that would enhance the student experience in the course or content, but are not required or essential.

Needs and Wants Request Forms for School Year 2020-2021 *CLOSED* (SY21-22 Forms will open in April 2021)

Middle Schools

Specialty & Secondary Schools






Hub Farm

Central Services

It is suggested that a teacher has prepared all research prior to filling out the Needs and Wants form. The following information will be needed for each item:

  • Store or website where you located the item for pricing

  • Item number

  • Item description

  • Quantity

  • Total Cost (including tax, shipping, etc.)

  • Link to item (Optional)

  • Link to curriculum/how item will be used (if there will be a question as to how this item links to your curriculum)

When making requests, teachers should keep in mind that funds for supplies, materials, equipment, and programs are allocated based on the overall CTE programmatic needs to provide an equitable experience for all DPS students.

Please note that the deadline for submitting needs and wants requests for purchasing items with CTE funds is December 31, 2020. CTE funds must be used to supplement or improve instruction within the calendar year they are spent.

This date allows for all items to be purchased to be delivered and utilized with students within the calendar year they are purchased.

Some courses require open purchase orders. Each year, eligible CTE teachers with courses requiring open POs will be provided with a budget for allowable supplies and materials. It is essential that accurate records of these expenditures are kept and that correct purchasing procedures are followed. Failure to follow these procedures will result in the teacher having to pay for materials/supplies purchased. Overages are not accepted.

Supplement versus Supplant

CTE Funds are intended to supplement the educational program within a school district. Supplanting means “to take the place of” and CTE funds may not supplant (or free up for another purpose) any state or local funds.

Examples of supplanting:

  • CTE paying for textbooks

  • CTE paying for classroom furniture (CTE may only pay for specialized furniture to support CTE classes that are added to supplement the standard curricula such as drafting desks, computer lab tables, etc.)