Safety Requirements

CTE teachers of students who participate in lab activities and work-based learning experiences are required to complete safety training annually. Teachers responsible for conducting a lab program are required to document the following:

  • Evidence that ALL students passed a written safety test with a score of 100% prior to working in the lab.

  • Evidence that students successfully demonstrated, in the presence of the teacher, the proper use of all power equipment.

  • Evidence that there is a well-established safety procedure for the lab, including any emergency procedures, and that students are well-informed of the procedure.


  1. Eye protection is required and must be used at all times when equipment is in use.

  2. Safety glasses are provided either to each student or assigned to each student and properly sterilized after each use.

  3. Safety posters in English and Spanish should be displayed at all times.

  4. Proper guards must be utilized on all equipment. Any equipment that does not have a guard must be rendered inoperable.

  5. Danger zones should be clearly marked.

  6. The maximum number of students enrolled in each CTE lab class must not be greater than the number who can be provided safe and effective instruction and no greater than the number of classroom or laboratory workstations.

  7. The school nurse and school principal must be notified immediately when an accident occurs.

Durham Public Schools CTE Student Safety Contract