Seesaw is a digital tool for creating portfolios and communicating to parents.  Teachers can give assignments and students can respond to these using a draw tool with voice recording, video recording, and typing on a lined page.  It is simple for students to use and versatile.  It allows teachers and students to communicate with one another in a unique and easy way.  Parents have access to student work and can comment on it.  The platform allows comments in written and recorded form.  There is a storehouse of assignments created by Seesaw ambassadors that allows you to easily begin assigning tasks.  You can even edit these activities to personalize the directions.  These include recorded directions for student support. 

Getting Started

Visit the Seesaw PD page for the latest PD offerings based on current features. "PD in your PJs: and webinar listings are also noted here.

Training modules for Teachers

Seesaw for Schools PD modules

Become a Seesaw Pioneer to jumpstart your Seesaw community journey and learn within a supportive group of educators. Seesaw Pioneers are beyond the Seesaw basics and are ready to take the next step to grow alongside others.

You can learn more about using Seesaw in your classroom through a Kyte Learning course.  Just click here or on the Kyte Learning icon. 

*Note: The Kyte course may not reflect the most up-to-date Seesaw features.