Studysync Professional Learning Opportunities

September 2nd, 2020 Professional Learning Day

12:30-2:00  StudySync and Canvas w/ Heidi Perez, Secondary Literacy Integration Specialist Zoom Link

Durham Public Schools teachers and administrators are  invited to join Dr. Catlin Tucker for a virtual session designed to create clarity about teaching and learning online and how to navigate this new learning landscape. Catlin discusses how The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework can support teachers in understanding their roles in a blended learning or online course, both helping students to develop their social presence online, and engaging students in the construction of knowledge as part of an online learning community. Plus, learn how to leverage StudySync to simplify the process of designing online learning experiences for your students. Click HERE TO REGISTER.

Live Study Sync Webinars

Click HERE to see the schedule and register for 30-60 minute FREE webinar sessions including:

There is also a parent and student webinar available on a regular basis.  Check the schedule and share the registration link with your students and parents!

Webinars are available throughout the year and teachers can attend as needed, whenever needed.

StudySync YouTube Channel

Click HERE to check out the StudySync YouTube channel and find book talks, information about program components, and winning student entries in the StudySync Media Contest.  

Self-Paced Learning

Click HERE to access the Study Sync Help Center for TRAINING, RESOURCES, and Q&A.Teachers must be logged into their StudySync Account to access the Help Center.


Getting Started- This hour-long course introduces StudySync and gets you started with your account. SyncUp 101: Basic Training- This course covers all of the basics to begin fully implementing StudySync in your classroom. 


Guides and video tutorials are available for topics such as using StudySync for remote learning, user guide for teachers and students in PDF format, blending print and digital resources, and signup for the SyncUp newsletter.

Q &A

Frequently asked question resources are presented according to topics including: